GULD (de Souza)

I am a trained jeweller and have been making jewellery for over eight years. Now I have my little goldsmith workshop in

Guld & Urt, it is here I design and create all my jewellery.

I always try out new designs, and recreate pieces and give them new life to get the most out of the material. This is possible since everything is made in small collections and not mass produced. I get inspired by the Nordic, minimalistic style and colourful asymmetry, resulting in beautiful and unique jewellery.

I enjoy making custom and personal pieces, where a story or a moment in life is put into the jewellery

- Stefanie

URT (Herbal Salvation)

I founded Herbal Salvation in 2012, when I began to make my own products from herbs that I found out in the danish nature. I have had an interest in herbal medicine since I was was very young, and I have a Phytotherapy education from the school “Urteskolen”. I have also studied at “Susun Weed” in Catskill Mountains, and learned about traditional herbal medicine in Jamaica. I am also an educated nurse, and finished my studies in 2010. - Ria

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