URT (Herbal Salvation)

Herbal Salvation prefers wildcrafted ingredients, sustainably and ethically gathered. All ingredients will always, besides being wildcrafted or organic, be 100% natural, unrefined and never deodorised. We produce small batches only, 100 % handcrafted in Copenhagen, Denmark. All salves, balms and hair & body butters are based on vegetable oils. That makes our products mild, we don’t use any questionable chemicals, and a little goes a long way. Besides honey and beeswax from small scale local beekeepers, we do not use any animal ingredients in our products.

GULD (de Souza)

de Souza is a small business making unique pieces of jewellery and shares the shop of Guld & Urt with Herbal Salvation. Stefanie de Souza has her workshop where she creates her jewellery. All products of de Souza is made in small collections, and sometimes a piece is one of its kind. The brand focus on trying out new designs, and recreating pieces and giving them new life in order to get the most out of the material. The mix between nordic minimalism and colorful assymetri results in beautiful and unique jewelleries.


Gartnergade 18

2200 Copenhagen N


Wed-Thur: 12.00-17.30


Saturday: 11.00-15.00

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